Theory Group Meetings 2022/23

The ‘Theory Group Meeting' is a regular informal meeting of the Theoretical Particle Physics group. It is more pedagogical than the 'Seminars' series and it mainly targets Phd students.

It usually takes place on Thursday at 11:30 in Aula Bianchi Scienze or Barocchi (first floor). Seminars last approximately 60 minutes, leaving time for questions and discussion also during the talk.

Sept 14, 22
Aula Bianchi
Scott Melville

UV constraints on IR EFTs

Sept 21, 22
Aula Bianchi
Johan Henriksson

2d Cft, error correcting codes and averaging

Sept 26, 22
Aula Barocchi
Carlo Heissenberg

Classical Gravitational Scattering from the Eikonal Exponentiation

Oct 6, 22
Aula Volterra
Marco Costa

Model independent probes of Dark Sectors at neutrino experiments