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Scientific Staff

Riccardo Barbieri

Professor Emeritus

I am interested in the Fundamental Interactions of Particle Physics and in the early Universe. My current interests focus on the flavour problem and in ultra-light scalars as DM particles.

Enrico Trincherini

Associate Professor

My research activity focuses on Theoretical High Energy physics, in particular on Quantum Field Theory, Gravitational physics and Cosmology.

Augusto Sagnotti

Full Professor

My research focuses on Theoretical Physics, and in particular on gravitational interactions. Currently a main theme is the breaking of Supersymmetry in Supergravity and in String Theory.

Guilherme Pimentel

Assistant Professor

I’m interested in early universe cosmology — both theoretical and phenomenological aspects, quantum field theory in curved space, and also in string theory and conformal field theories.

Associated Scientific Staff

Dario Buttazzo

INFN Researcher

My research activity is focused on theoretical high-energy physics. In particular, I am interested in fundamental interactions beyond the Standard Model, the origin of fermion masses and mixings, and more in general quantum field theory and cosmology.​


Postdoc Fellows

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PhD Students

I’m interested in correlators in de Sitter physics and pre-inflationary string theory, with possible applications of holography, in both theoretical and phenomenological aspects.  My supervisors are Guilherme Pimentel and Augusto Sagnotti. 

My research focuses on understanding the effects of supersymmetry breaking in string theory using both worldsheet and bottom-up approaches. I am more broadly interested in aspects of gravitational interactions and applications of abstract mathematics to theoretical physics

Andrea Luzio
Bruno Bucciotti

My research focuses on understanding the dynamics of gravity in the limit of infinite dimensions and leveraging its relative simplicity to find analytical solutions. I am also interested in obtaining waveforms from amplitudes.

Leonardo Juliano
Andrea Di Lecce

Palazzo Carovana, Office 84

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