Scientific Staff

Riccardo Barbieri

Professor Emeritus

+39 050 509251

Palazzo Carovana, Office 59

I am interested in the Fundamental Interactions of Particle Physics and in the early Universe. My current interests focus on the flavour problem and in ultra-light scalars as DM particles.

Enrico Trincherini

Assistant Professor

My research activity focuses on Theoretical High Energy physics, in particular on Quantum Field Theory, Gravitational physics and Cosmology.

+39 050 509608

Palazzo Carovana, Office 76A

Augusto Sagnotti


My research focuses on Theoretical Physics, and in particular on gravitational interactions. Currently a main theme is the breaking of Supersymmetry in Supergravity and in String Theory.

+39 050 509253

Palazzo Carovana, Office 63


Associated Scientific Staff

Dario Buttazzo

INFN Researcher

My research activity is focused on theoretical high-energy physics. In particular, I am interested in fundamental interactions beyond the Standard Model, the origin of fermion masses and mixings, and more in general quantum field theory and cosmology.​

+39 050 509094

Palazzo Carovana, Office 119


Postdoc Fellows

Yoshiyuki Tatsuta

+39 050 509711

Palazzo Carovana, Office 98

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Adrien Kuntz

+39 050 509086

Palazzo Carovana, Office 96

PhD Students

Salvatore Bottaro

+39 050 509267

Palazzo Carovana, Office 84

Marco Costa

+39 050 50xxxx

Palazzo Carovana, Office 84

Andrea Luzio

+39 050 509xxx

Palazzo Carovana, Office xx

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Salvatore Raucci

+39 050 509xxx

Palazzo Carovana, Office xx

Francesco Serra

+39 050 509088

Palazzo Carovana, Office 80

Sonali Verma

+39 050 509894

Palazzo Carovana, Office 84

Ludovico Vittorio

+39 050 509894

Palazzo Canonica, Office 8